Dr Aikaterini Ignatiadi

Veterinary Surgeon

Dr Aikaterini Ignatiadi
Dr Aikaterini Ignatiadi BVetMed MRCVS Veterinary Surgeon

Katerina completed her studies in Timisoara (Romania) in 2015. She started working as a small animal vet in Greece in 2016 and then moved to the UK in 2018 as she was looking for a new challenge.

Katerina is especially fond of cats and has a soft spot for chihuahuas no matter how cheeky they can be!
She has three cats that she adopted in the UK from the various clinics she has worked in and has five cats and three dogs back in Greece ( there’s always place for one more ehh?). Quite a few of them have some “parts” missing like Tapioka the three legged dog, Dracumel with radial nerve paralysis ( always looks like he’s playing hockey) and Lucifer with one eye.

In her free time she likes visiting castles around the UK and feeding the ducks and geese.