If you are looking to book a cat vaccination, please be aware that there is an ongoing shortage of some cat vaccines affecting all UK Veterinary practices. Find out more here.


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At New Priory Vets, premium care doesn’t mean premium prices. We strive for excellence in everything we do, which includes delivering value to our clients.

Outlined here are the costs of some of our routine services. All our prices are inclusive of VAT. Be sure to check out our Healthy Pet Club (HPC) on how to make further savings.

Our friendly team are happy to discuss estimates of treatments and procedures with you, just give us a call.



Consultation £64.50
Second Opinion £130.50
Written Prescription £28.91




Price HPC
Yearly Booster £80.00 Free
1st and 2nd Vaccine £120.00 Free
Castrate £124.50 £112.05
Spay £171.00 £153.90

HPC = Healthy Pet Club


  Price HPC  
Yearly Booster £80.00 Free  
1st and 2nd Vaccine £120.00 Free  
Kennel Cough Vaccine £51.75 Free  
Kennel Cough Alongside Yearly Booster £40.00 Free  
Castrate 0-10kg £301.50 £271.35  
Castrate 10.1-25kg £324.50 £292.05  
Castrate 25.1-50kg £537.50 £483.75  
Castrate 50.1kg+ £589.50 £530.55  
Chemical Castration – 6 months £148.60    
Chemical Castration – 1 year £275.43    
Spay 0-10kg £422.00 £379.80 Keyhole* +£265.00
Spay 10.1-25kg £480.00 £432.00 Keyhole* +£265.00
Spay 25.1-50kg £470.50 £423.45 Keyhole* +£265.00
Spay 50.1kg+ £517.50 £465.75 Keyhole* +£265.00

*Keyhole spays are performed laparoscopically using a fibre-optic camera. This is a minimally invasive technique that reduces recovery time.

**HPC = Healthy Pet Club


Consultation £57.80
Yearly Booster £75.00
Castrate £158.00
Spay £203.50

Microchip & Travel

Microchip with Vet £46.34
Microchip (while under sedation/GA) £35.22
Animal Health Certificate £291.50 first pet, £185.50 subsequent pets from the same address*
Rabies Vaccine £89.25

*Short notice charge (<5 days) £109.18

Insurance Admin Fees

Standard – Non Direct Claims £15.00
Non standard (approval required) – Direct Claims £35.00

Prices effective November 2023