Brighton Veterinary Referrals

Based at New Priory Vets’ Brighton hospital

We have particular skills and experience in management of cardio-respiratory disease; diagnostic imaging (ultrasound and CT) and laparoscopy (keyhole surgery).

Vets from across Sussex can access these services by referring more challenging patients to Brighton Veterinary Referrals.

Brighton Veterinary Referrals is based at New Priory Vets’ Brighton hospital.

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Referring Vets

We’re here to support you and your clients. If you need help or advice please don’t hesitate to call or email us about tricky cases.  We’d encourage you to think of our centre as an extension to your own clinic providing gold standard care locally – a particular bonus for unstable cardio-respiratory cases, with the added benefit of us being able to manage ongoing hospitalisation if required. Find out more about our specialist team and procedures or get in touch for additional information about our service.

If you’d like to discuss a referral, or if your case is urgent in nature please contact us on 01273 540430.

Pet Owners

If you’ve been referred to us it’s because your vet is concerned your pet would benefit from more specialist investigations. We know it’s important for this process to be as smooth as possible.

We understand consistency is key to providing the best possible experience for your pet and effective communication is vital for your peace of mind. Once your vet has made the referral, our friendly reception team will be in touch to arrange an appointment and advise you on any preparation required.

We will liaise with you and your vet afterwards to explain the findings of any investigations, provide recommendations and ongoing care and support.

CT and Ultrasound

CT and Ultrasound

CT (Computed Tomography) is an advanced imaging technique that offers many benefits over traditional radiography (x-rays).



Assessment of the heart, lung and nasal area involves specific examination skills alongside specialist equipment including ultrasound, Holter ECG, CT and bronchoscopy.



The benefits of laparoscopy are lower risk, smaller surgery wounds and a faster recovery time.